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Hello Ghoulies!

My Blog for October 12th 2016.


What is Pay to Play? Most of you who are not musicians or in bands are not aware of an epidemic in the local bar/music scene and also within the big time music venue industry of this practice of PAY TO PLAY where a bar forces local bands to purchase “Pre-Sale Tickets” in order to get gigs at their venue, whether its your band playing on a certain night or you want to get a slot opening for a major act coming to a bar in your area  the promoter or bar owner gives you timeslots before the headliner and these timeslots cost you money. In most cases the spot right before the headliner is the most expensive to buy and can cost between $600-$2000 and up in pre sale tickets for a 30 minute slot, YES 30 MINUTES!  The other slots to go on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on usually start at about $300  for 20 minute set times and get more expensive the closer you want to perform to the headliner again with the final slot being the most costly position to be on, so a band has to pay upfront usually months to weeks prior to the show the cost of these pre sale tickets where the bar will print out the tickets give them to the bands and it is up to YOU the band to sell all these tickets to people to come see you perform on the night in question, does the bar or promoter help you sell or move these tickets NO they do not, yes they may have a ticket buy link set up but in most to all cases they do absolutely no promotion to assist in the selling of these tickets.. AND..  any ticket sold on the venues website IS NOT counted into YOUR pre sale ticket deal! In other words they keep that money above what they have already charged you to play the show with NO percentage given back to the bands, only 1 out of 100 bars maybe kick back a band a few dollars per ticket sold but this is rare, usually you get no compensation at all.. so in other words you are paying a bar to have your band perform.. ITS THAT SIMPLE! Back in the day a Bar would hire a band and give them the door or a cut of the door proceeds while they made their money off selling drinks and food, now that has changed to where the bars cannot afford to pay even the headlining acts they booked so they solicite local bands whom already are struggling and paying big money for rehearsals, recording studios and all the things it takes to keep a band alive to buy pre sale tickets then use that money to pay the headlining act ONLY!! All the opening bands get NOTHING! All your hard work and effort is rewarded by a kick in the ass! Another slap in the face is the fact that the bar does not care what bands they pick to do these shows.. it goes to the first bands that have money in their hands for the tickets, so for patrons and bar goers you may have to sit thru as many as 6-7 local bands that you dont really want to see just to wait to see the headliner perform at 1 am because in order to have 7 bands in one night  the bars start the shows as early as 4pm in the afternoon to get all the bands stage time in one night.. and what does that mean for the bands ??  You are rushed on and off stage with  7 minute breakdown and set up times and if you go over that they take it out of your performance time! After you paid all the money they still screw you anyway adding insult to injury by cutting your playing time. Its bad enough a band has to bring all their gear into a club to only play for 20-30 minutes when the usual thing was to have 2-3 bands in one night and you played for an hour or 2 allowing your fans to get into and enjoy your show, no band can honestly show you their stuff in 20 minutes.. its ridiculous. All this has lead to bands not being able to afford to play a local club and get exposure, most bands use their money from their day jobs to pay for this kind of situation, as I said  a band of guys who have jobs and money keep buying the timeslots which pushes out the less fortunate bands to never be able to play a show in their hometown.. its disgusting! There is so much more to this so I will post a video with more about Play to Play and I will be happy to speak to anyone in detail on this subject as there is more ugliness to expose on play to play that i cannot put into one blog. I am calling for a Boycott of these venues by all bands to try and force this PAY TO PLAY practice back into the cave where it came from as it has lead to Industry Suicide and bar closings due to lack of people coming to see local acts because of Inflated ticket prices and just plain BAD Business all around.. i can go on and on but as i said enough for now ghoulies, Have a constructive day…  DB




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