Hello Ghoulies!

My Blog for March 27th 2017.

So whats New?
*The PAIN music video is scheduled for release next week!
(remember this is a song off the “Dawn of The Demon” album, a new video for an older song because we felt it deserved it)
*The Demons are 6 songs out of 12 into the New album and getting ready for the next 6 to be recorded, release for “WRONG SIDE OF THE GRAVE” is set for August 2017.
*And YES there will be a Music video for ONE song off the new album to coincide with the release.
* DB and his minions will be making several meet and greet appearances at Conventions over the Spring and Summer while the band is in the recording studio, live shows will be put on hiatus until the fall unless we feel a good enough event comes along worth our time.
*NOTE – DB band is always looking for new additions to the show, dancers, performers, stage hands, roadies… all are welcome to contact DB privately for an audition and more details on job openings. You can perform as a part time or full time member, again write DB for info.
*We will be re-vamping our merch store on our website www.demonboyband.com in a couple of months with new merch and other goodies as well as selling the new album WRONG SIDE OF THE GRAVE “Exclusively” on our website as a Hard copy or downloads. You will NOT be able to purchase this album on any other download sites – this will all be contained “in house” rather than be exploited and ripped off by companies like I Tunes, and Spotify who take revenue away from indie bands, We are our own entity now and we will keep it that way until a better deal comes along, and with the Blood sucking leeches that approach me on a daily basis trying to get me to pay THEM for work i can easily do my self.. you can all go fuck your self and that includes any PAY to PLAY venues… we DONT need YOU. Go rip off bands that dont know any better.. stay away from the Demons.

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