Hello Ghoulies!

BLOG UPDATE for Nov. 22nd 2017

Hello Ghoulies!

The Band has been hard at work on the upcoming album WRONG SIDE OF THE GRAVE and have just pre released a single to hold you over  MY COFFIN  

And a New Video Teaser Behind The wings of the My Coffin Video shoot is up now!!. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO.

We have a Brand New actor as SKULLY.

You Can see him at all upcoming Events and Shows.
*We will be re-vamping our merch store on our website www.demonboyband.com in a couple of months with new merch and other goodies as well as selling the new album WRONG SIDE OF THE GRAVE “Exclusively” on our website as a Hard copy or downloads. You will NOT be able to purchase this album on any other download sites when it Premieres

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